Star Wars Legends: Writing Prompt #1

I just finished reading Tim Lebbon’s Into the Void and I wrote a writing prompt for any avid writer that wishes to continue with his story: In the beginning of Tythan space, the two moons of Tython formed. Ashla and Bogan, named after the Jedd’ai of the Light, and the latter of Darkness. It was said that every one thousand years, the Moons would lap, … Continue reading Star Wars Legends: Writing Prompt #1

Star Wars Writing

Hello, readers! I’m back again, and I decided to write a little excerpt about my writing life. I’ve busied myself with collecting Star Wars books of all kind, including illustrated editions, comics, role-playing texts, old magazines, and as far as the Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace. The expansive Universe gives a lot of prompt to the beginning writer. And, in all honesty, Star Wars is a subject … Continue reading Star Wars Writing