Star Wars Writing

Hello, readers! I’m back again, and I decided to write a little excerpt about my writing life.

I’ve busied myself with collecting Star Wars books of all kind, including illustrated editions, comics, role-playing texts, old magazines, and as far as the Essential Atlas by Daniel Wallace. The expansive Universe gives a lot of prompt to the beginning writer. And, in all honesty, Star Wars is a subject I’ve fancied for a long time. I find Medieval Fantasy to be too limiting. Medieval Fantasy is like a jail cell in some instances: you can’t use high-tech technology and flying ships besides the occasional airship created by a mad scientist.

I’m not trying to bash Medieval Fantasy, of course. I support Medieval Fantasy and I write in it frequently, but I’m a speculative fiction nut, leaning more to science fiction. The latest piece of writing I wrote was a book about a Universe I was procuring, not related to Star Wars a lot. The title was Cosmological Boundaries by a sage-like character called Yitzu, a blind old man. Here’s a little bit about that:

Enclosed in this paperweight are written accounts of the Sage Yitzu, a primordial philosopher and pioneer of the fabric, idol of historians and archaeologists, and guide to the Rumists. Herein the following will be found if sought:

  • Maps and locations, languages, currency and trade, influential literary works, historic figures, time periods, tribes, culture, creatures and mythology, ruins, and monastic traditions. A substantial part of the work also includes an obscure text on the use of the fabric and the philosophy of the Rumists, whom Yitzu guided.

The core concept of this world revolves around the idea of a fabric that governs. Unlike the Force, this is a literal fabric the fabric-weavers meld and interact with. It can be spoken to, and it can be used to draw life-forces. However, in this fabric travel fabric-demons that inhibit the use of the fabric in some sections of the Realm.

Back to Star Wars: I’ve being doing a Fantasy Flight Gaming Edge of the Empire campaign with my immediate family and friends and I have been inspired to write about the adventures that I, the Galaxy Master, led them through. Hopefully, in subsequent posts I will introduce some of these adventures in the Stories Section to inspire others to write about Star Wars. And I have to say, the Star Wars adventures definitely got me going.

I’ll keep you guys posted on my happenings (: !


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